aughh ;w;

I'm feeling super shitty now. On Thursday I'm moving into my dorm and most likely I couldn't be more scared than what I am right now. Currently I'm cursing myself for not applying to the University of Miskolc instead, so that way I could have stayed in my family's house and hadn't have to move to such a new and scary environment. I really regret my stupid actions :-/
But when I decided I want to go to Budapest I thought I would like to break out and experience new things, and want everything to change in my life. I thought I would be a friendly and outgoing person living in the big city. But now that the time has come, I really would like to just stay at home and do what I did in the previous four years of my secure high school.
But nothing can be done about it I guess D: *sigh* my life is terrible.
sorry for this very emo entry, I think I'm just very, very... sad.


Never give up, because...

uhhh.png you can see, ugly people can find love too!

for a friend's birthday


uhh told you my traditional artwork sucks ;3;
does it help that this was coloured like, in an hour? (I always do everything in the last minute T_T)
as you can see, it has the result, I ruined the background in many places and the colouring is really rushed ;3; but the girl I gave it to liked it, and said she will put it on the wall in her new room~ aww!
it feels good to think that no matter what my new university dorm/classmates will be, my highschool friends are still adorable <3

about James McAvoy & "Velős Rész", our HP-related story

It seems like British actors hold a special place in my heart *A* First Colin Firth, then James McAvoy... To tell the truth, I've loved him ever since I saw the Chronicles of Narnia, but I've never seen any other movie starring him... well, until now! I'm holding a special James McAvoy week (every day I watch a James McAvoy movie lol) I'll start with Penelope. I've seen the half of that movie but only the first hour and I'm curious about the ending.
Oh, and also because James is really gorgeous in it.


I already drew a fanart of Becoming Jane, even if it's just an ugly chibi that doesn't really reflect James's charme ;3;


And, additionally, I finished a video of our Harry Potter OCs with my sisters. Our story is set in the alternative version of Harry's third year, and my character, Cécile is a professor who first falls in love with Snape, but of course he doesn't return her feelings so Cécile gets engaged in a relationship with Lupin. And accidentally, she realises later that she loves Lupin, but maybe it's too late. Of course the story is not just about this, there are many funny characters and stuff, I'll write more about it later if you're interested.
If you aren't interested, I'll write about it anyway XDD I love talking about our stories.
Btw, I finished two videos about the cast. Here is the very first, which accidentally became too dark OTL but I hope it looks fine. My character, Cécile is the blonde woman in glasses. Aaaand guess who 'plays' Remus Lupin? That's right! James McAvoy! HAHAHA I'm so cool desperate. XD

this other one is focusing on the main couples of the story, mainly CécilexLupin, Millie (the girl with the curly brown hair) x Fred Weasley and Corinna (the younger blonde girl) x Neville
btw, Millie and Corinna are the OCs of my two sisters and of course their OCs are Cécile's younger sisters :D
there is a little surprise at the end of this video XD

and this video was made by my sister, Dorottya. Isn't it awesome? I think it totally pwns both of my videos XD

if you're wondering about that Ionic coloumn in this video... it's Voldemort. XD Actually one important point of the story is that Voldemort sometimes disguises himself as an Ionic coloumn. XDD And in this form, he falls in love with Corinna and they have a difficult relationship. I mean, the girl and the coloumn. As you can see, the story is anything but serious XD but we have a lot of fun writing it.
So later I'll talk more about it.
Why do I feel nobody will read this entry. T_T

University news

Okay, now that was unexpected. XD I gained admission to the university to which I never even dared to hope to get in, I even wrote it in my paper just to give a chance to it, but it always has been unlikely... now it happened, and I'm really happy and scared at the same time ;_;

so I gained admission to ORIENTAL LANGUAGES AND CULTURES - JAPANESE at "Hungary's number one university" (or at least this is the way they advertise themselves lol) I never hoped this because last year the points were REALLY high, and suddenly this year they lowered it with almost 20 points! @_@ it definitely was a huge surprise.
My mum is very happy too, but maybe we'll try to change it to International Studies. Although it's very unlikely that we will be able to do that, because the Ministry of Education already refused us once. But it doesn't matter, because the Japanese is completely sure. I still can't get over the fact that I'll be learning Japanese language, history, art and everything from September in Hungary's most prestigious university ;A; I don't know whether I should be completely freaked out or overwhelming with joy. Probably both. I'm still left speechless by this sudden turn of events.

No sketches today, sorry ;A;
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